Sunday, November 9, 2008

ALM Photo :: Pierre Steenekamp Corporate Portrait Session

Pierre Steenekamp
COO/Managing Director
Bel-Essex Corporation
Knoxville, Tennessee

Allan had a corporate portrait session with Pierre, who needed some professional photographs to use in company printed materials, as well as for the board room. As you can see, Allan was able to capture several different expressions from Pierre while still keeping them very professional. These photographs were captured against a dark grey background, but soon ALM Photo will be able to incorporate their Virtual Background system into their portrait work for an infinite number of background options. Stay tuned to this blog to follow the completion of the ALM Photo studio and the installation of the Virtual Background system. It's going to be like nothing you have ever seen before. We guarantee it...

Contact ALM Photo should you have a need for corporate portraits for advertising, business cards, websites, blogs, or conference rooms.

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