Monday, January 12, 2009

Eskimo Escapades :: Freezin' It For Fifteen...For Real!

Eskimo Escapades....sign up and Shut Up and Ski! Allan and I along with Shannon Neustadt voluntarily spent Saturday braving the cold and rain to shoot the photographs for Eskimo Escapades. Allan and I have been photographing EE for several years and really enjoy having the opportunity to connect with our watersports friends and meeting new people and, of course, sharing the photographs we take with everyone who rode, wished they rode, watched them ride, or is just curious about what goes on at EE. The event was called early due to all the debris making its way down the Tennessee River at a rapid pace. It was a fun day even with the rain and the cold, especially for the winner of the 2009 MasterCraft X-1. Somebody will be enjoying the river when warmer weather returns.

Be sure to check the ALM Photo website in the next day or so for all of the photographs Allan, Shannon and I took on Saturday. Click here and select Eskimo Escapades or go to Proofs at to view and purchase photographs.

ALM Photo is available to photograph your event, contact Lisa or Allan for more information.

The drawing for the 2009 Mastercraft X-1...the golden ticket...

In a was cold...just ask the Carter girls

Must have been a tad too cold for these guys to ride...

Winner of an auction...the Zelda scooter!

Rain, rain go away!

TWRA shut down the skiing early due to all the stuff in the river...including this old TV (good eyes, Shannon!)

Go Vols!

Harvey gets his tube ride in!

Alex Oliver, JAOPro, doing what he does best!

This guy is awesome! Every year he gets up on the chair on top of a wooden disc. Amazing!!

Now, this is one smart dog.

Matthew getting ready to ride...

Shannon, our faithful assistant for the day. She was such a trooper- wet and cold- she stayed out in the boat all day. Thanks for all your help!!

Joe kicking back in the tube!

The WIVK frog stops by for a visit...

Local news coverage of the event

Will Robinson wasn't afraid of a little rain, rough water or nasty debris...

Slalom skiing was another option.

This girl had the right gear for the day...well, maybe a raincoat would have helped.

These two dudes showed up a little too late to ride, TWRA had already shut the event down. Bummer, dude...

Allan shoots me and Shannon...

Waiting on the dock...

Shannon shooting the action- trying to stay dry and warm. Thank goodness for heaters!

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