Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fast Dogs {Allan & Lisa Mueller | Knoxville Professional Photographers}

Allan and I loaded up the Prius with cameras, tripods and the big lenses and traveled to Calhoun, GA on Sunday to photograph dogs practicing lure coursing at the invitation of our friend and fellow photographer, Julie Poole. Julie and her husband, Larry, brought along their three whippets- McGuire, Dot and Cinnamon. There were all kinds of dogs at this event- large, small, young and mature. We had a great time and hope to have the opportunity to do it again. Thanks to the members of GANG for welcoming us and letting us spend the day with you! Enjoy!

Visit the ALM Photo website to view our portfolio and click here to view all of the images from the Lure Coursing event. You will be prompted to register the first time you visit the proofs site.

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