Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Marc Nelson Denim | Made in the USA

This afternoon as I was working away in the ALM Photo office|studio I suddenly realized I hadn't shared the work we have done for Marc Nelson Denim on the blog. So, here you go!

We've been working with Marc Nelson Denim since their Knoxville brand launch in December 2011. You can find out some of the history behind MND and its founder, Marcus Hall here and here. And this video by Samstag Productions is the Marc Nelson story. What we love about MND is that everything is made in the USA and while working with them we have learned a lot about denim, how their products are created and the retail clothing industry. Honestly, I never knew how to care for denim until they educated me. They make a point of properly educating their customers as well as keeping them up to date with MND on their blog.

We've worked on several projects, both for their print catalog and their on-line store; shooting in the studio, outdoors and on location; with models and on a mannequin. On a side note, it's a good thing Allan and I work well as a team and can quickly grab the right equipment to get the necessary shots. There is a lot of planning that goes into these shoots, but we also go into them prepared for the unexpected. 

Stitching details are important for Marc Nelson Denim

Bolt belt buckle is locally made by Preston Farabow from NASCAR lug nuts
Attention to details is very important when photographing clothing, whether on a model or not, and it's always good to have not only the client on hand to make sure everything looks right, but also your right-hand man {or woman, depending on which one of us is rocking the lens} checking on things too.

Shooting on location is a lot of fun. We wandered around the Old City a bit, but when we shot at the now defunct Valarium, the look and feel of each vignette they had set up is unique giving us a lot of options for backgrounds and design elements.

Like a trailer...

And dance poles...

And a motorcycle...

And a giant bar mirror and barber chair...

And a wall of beer signs and dispensers...

Shooting 'flats' in the studio is boring, but necessary for a catalog. It is fun to style the clothes up a bit though.

Sometimes you get the best shots while goofing off waiting for the rest of the crew or making them laugh.

More details...

Bet you want to go buy some MND denim now, don't you? Go ahead. You can find them on-line and at a growing number of boutiques in TN and GA. Tell them ALM Photo sent you!

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