Friday, January 17, 2014

Eskimo Escapades 2014 | January 18th at Volunteer Landing

One of our favorite action events to photograph each year is the Eskimo Escapades. Eskimo Escapades is held to benefit the Patricia Neal IRC, the Amputee Adventure Camp and Dream Connection. This marks the 20th event and it is held no matter what the weather is! There have been years when it has been so cold we can barely stand it to days when we've had to strip off almost all our layers. It's snowed, rained and been blindingly sunny. This year participants can expect it to be cold, but partly sunny. The frigid fun takes place at Volunteer Landing on Neyland Drive in Knoxville on Saturday, January 18th from 11am to 3pm.

Participants pay a registration fee of $30 to waterski, wakeboard or tube {you don't get wet!} in a generous loop on the Tennessee River. Local boat dealerships donate the use of boats from local boat manufacturers and they are driver by experience boat drivers who volunteer their time. And speaking of volunteers, there are a bunch of folks on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone gets their turn in a timely manner. Here is the 'Home Crew', the folks who work hard throughout the year to make this event a reality. Plus there is an announcer/DJ to keep everyone entertained. There is also food available, most notably from Bayou Bay Seafood House who sets up on site, and Calhoun's on the River, located right next to Volunteer Landing.

Riders don't have to worry about being cold because Ski/Scuba provides a complimentary wet suits and Aurora Pools, Spas and Billiards will have a hot tub ready for a toasty plunge post frosty lake around the lake. 

Come on down and see what all the fun is about! Bring your mittens, your dog and your camera! We'll be set up on the on of the Landing 'points' with the 600mm lens as well as shooting from one of the boats for an up-close capture of the action.

Here are some photographs from 2013...

Dogs love the water!
It was very foggy in the morning. This is NOT a black and white photo.
The water was warmer than the air and there was snow on the bank.
Allan captures the action from the boat while I hang out on land with the big lens.
The fog disappeared...finally.
You can also kneeboard!

Tubing is fun!! And you stay dry!
Portraits with the 600mm...yeah, that works!
Matt gets ready to hit the water

This guy was ready for a balmy day at the beach! Love it!
Larry Bohanan, developer of the Quadriciser, rides on a stool on a wood disc. You HAVE to see him do this to believe it!

The boat crew
And there is also barefooting!
Joe Thompson takes a spin in the tube. He's always smiling!
There was a little B Boy action for entertainment too!

We hope to see you there!

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