Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Studio Update #11

Things were getting kind of crazy around our property and we finally got a new walkway and stairs installed thanks to Adam. It was a little embarrassing for our visitors to have to walk up stairs, through the unfinished studio and down the connecting walkway in order to get into our house. Much better...

Stairs just before completion

The studio's interior is ready for insulation and once that is installed we can have the drywall put up and the floor laid. This studio is truly a labor of love...if Allan and I didn't love each other so much we would not have survived this project this far into it.

We haven't forgotten that we have a business to run, so we have been busy shooting and are looking to log some studio shooting as soon as the new space is ready. Look for us every Thursday at Wild Wing Cafe shooting the rail jam. Photos are also on Flickr @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/almphoto/sets/.

Lisa's bunny garden - viewed from the porch of the photography studio

Bubba waits patiently for a chance to see his friend, Baby Bunny

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