Monday, December 1, 2008

ALM Photo :: Carlene Steenekamp - 2008 Tennessee State Figure Champion

Allan and I recently had an opportunity to photograph Carlene Steenekamp, 2008 Tennessee State Figure Champion and nationally qualified figure competitor, for a calendar as well as her portfolio and website. Carlene's month for the calendar is May, so I developed a season appropriate concept for the photographs involving the outdoors even though it was November. The one thing none of us expected would be for the temperature to be at it's lowest of the season so far- maybe 40 degrees for the high. Carlene arrived in good spirits and full of enthusiasm even though she was within days of her next competition, NPC National Bodybuilding and Figure Championship in Atlanta, and getting her body ready for the stage. Donning a gorgeous green and gold two-piece posing suit (designed and created especially for her by her mother) Carlene braved the cold temperatures for a few of the concept shots outside before turning a particularly unattractive shade of blue and being whisked indoors. Some of you may know that the ALM Photo studio has been a work in progress and is still not completed. Carlene was an absolute trooper as we continued the session in the less than toasty unheated studio. Below are some of the shots from this session and we look forward to capturing more images of Carlene in the near future. She is on her way to the top!
Please click here for more information about Carlene and her fitness and wellness business, Mommy's Body. Yes, it's true! Carlene has a Mommy's Body! She is the proud mother of three beautiful children. Determined to get back her pre-baby body after her third child, Carlene made her personal fitness and well-being a priority and was soon in the best shape of her life. Soon after this achievement she decided to pursue her dream of being a figure competitor and went straight to the top. Throughout her training Carlene met lots of women, many of them also mothers, who wanted to know how she got in such great shape. This lead to the development of Mommy's Body. Mommy's Body helps clients through pre-natal, post-natal and all the years beyond by educating in the areas of strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and proper nutrition. Contact Carlene today, whether you have a Mommy's Body or not, if you want to get in the best shape of your life. Just don't forget to contact ALM Photo for your fabulous "after" photographs!

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