Saturday, January 3, 2009

Combination of Talents :: Photography + Fused Glass Art

ALM Photo + Sassy Glass Studio = Great Photography for Great Art

The holiday shopping season may be over, but the "shop" we set up for the Sassy Glass Studio Open House has been left open so Allan and I have access to the inventory and can shoot photographs of all the pieces. There are a couple of reasons why we need the photographs- one is so the pieces can be listed in the Sassy Glass Studio Etsy shop and another is to create a portfolio showcasing my one-of-a-kind fused glass art so I will have an actual book to take to shops and boutiques to see if any would be interested in carrying my art. Allan and I set up the light table and lights in the still unfinished photography studio, but at least it is a huge space to work in and I can work on the photographs in stages. Some of the photographs we took the other day are shown below. This project will keep us busy for a while as there are over 100 pieces to shoot, but it will be so worth it to have great photographs that really show off the uniqueness and beauty of each work of art. Be sure to check out the Sassy Glass Studio blog for updates on this project in addition to the Etsy shop.

ALM Photo will be announcing two absolutely fantastic new photography packages in the next week...stay tuned!! Also, if you know an artist who needs professional photography for their on-line shop, website or blog, pass our information on to them...they will thank you!

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