Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hannah {Allan and Lisa Mueller | Knoxville Professional Photographers}

Don't let obstacles get in your way.

That's what Hannah taught us during her session last week. It wasn't that she ever said it out loud, it was based solely on what she did. She did what we want everyone to do, come to the studio and have us capture beautiful images. But to get to us Hannah had to overcome what some people might classify as obstacles. Hannah suffered an injury to her left eye as a child that resulted in the loss of her vision and iris. She also battled her weight over the years and recently transformed herself through healthy eating and exercise. Although she was a little nervous at first, Hannah soon relaxed and we all had a blast. We'll let the images below speak for themselves.

Don't ever let anything stand in your way
and keep you from making the most of today.
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sydney photographers said...

well done!!!

very gorgeous young lady!

Kendrick said...

Heck yeah! You guys rocked that :-D