Thursday, May 6, 2010

Amazing Beauty and Inspiration {Allan and Lisa Mueller | Knoxville Professional Photographers}

Allan and I have helped photograph the Special Olympics for the last four or five years and it is one of the most amazing and inspiring days to be photographers. We capture amazing images of all the children and adults participating in a full day of games- running, jumping, throwing and laughing. Enjoy these photos and see why we love being a part of this day!

This time it was fun when Lifestar arrived...for tours!

We have lift-off!

Jumping for joy!

Catching some air!

Up, up and away!


The Thinker

All smiles

Love the purple and green combo in this shot

Beautiful blue eyes

And they are off!

Pure Mischief

Rolling to a win

You go girl!

Proud winner

Bocce toss

This guy's smile makes me smile...huge!

More bocce action

High fives all around

Love capturing a portrait shot with the

Another 600mm portrait...this little guy wanted me to take his photo and stood right at the end of the lens...a tad too close. I think he was a 1/4 mile away when this was shot. LOL!

Long jump


You can see it in his eyes

A reflective moment

Looking back on another super-fun Special Olympics
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