Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Great Gingerbread Village Giveaway of 2010

Allan and I have been involved with Fantasy of Trees for several years in the children's activity area Santa Hats. This year Santa Hats was strategically placed right across from Gingerbread Village and we spent five days looking at the houses and admiring their beauty and the skill with which they were crafted. {OK, so we were actually salivating until we remembered these aren't crafted to be eaten.} Needless to say when Sunday rolled around and we started tear-down there were still a number of gingerbread houses available which were being sold at a discount to the FOT volunteers. Allan and I discussed purchasing one but decided we didn't have any place to put it where it would it could be viewed and appreciated and safe from the 'appreciation' of the animals.

In the end, we decided to purchase a gingerbread village with a specific purpose in mind. We decided to donate the village to a charitable organization/group/place based on your votes. You get to choose who will be the recipient of The Great Gingerbread Village Giveaway of 2010Giveaway details follow the photos...

Isn't it beautiful? The village is complete with church, two houses, a Christmas tree, igloo, pond with ducks, dog digging in the snow, snowmen and so much more. Every time I look at it, I see something I didn't notice before. It is truly amazing and sure to be loved by all ages.

Here's how the giveaway is going to work: The votes must be made as comments to this blog or as a comment to the Facebook blog post and the charitable entity with the most votes will receive the gingerbread village next week. Voting will go through Monday, December 20th. Your vote must give a reason why this charity should receive the gingerbread village. The charities must be located in the Knoxville area to ensure prompt delivery. The village is not edible and can be saved for enjoyment for years to come.

Thanks in advance to everyone who participates in The Great Gingerbread Village Giveaway of 2010!


BGKDesigns said...

i volunteer for a local organizaton called "A Hand Up For Women." Wonderful and very deserving organization and these Ladies I feel sure have never seen anything like this. This organization is solely funded on donations from the community not from city, county or state. Working with women that have been abused or addicted to help them become self sufficient again. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

So much of Christmas is truly about children. But I volunteer with an organization called "A Hand Up For Women" where women never had a child-like Christmas. These women had to grow up too early. Having the opportunity to see them enjoy the wonder of a childhood Christmas element would make all of our holidays.

Anonymous said...

In the summer I volunteer at Camp Eagles Nest, a camp for the children from East Tennessee Childrens Hospital oncology/hematology department. I know these kids would love and appreciate this Gingerbread Village at Christmas. ~ Kimberly Kasey Martin