Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Velvet {Boudoir Photography}

Allan and I are thrilled to announce the launch of ALM Photo's new division, Velvet {Boudoir Photography}. We've done boudoir photography all along, but felt it was time to create a separate division to give Velvet {Boudoir Photography} its own identity and blog site. Plus we really just loved the name and couldn't resist creating a fresh, sexy identity. Lisa will be the primary photographer for all boudoir sessions even though many clients don't mind having a male photographer capturing their sexier side. Allan will also be available for sessions if clients so choose. We can't leave him out, can we? After all it is A{llan} L{isa} M{ueller} Photo...

We decided to launch Velvet {Boudoir Photography} to coincide with Valentine's Day and we have a great Valentine's Day special that is filled with all the goodies to give your special someone a gift they will never forget. {See the flyer below} All the details and information about Velvet {Boudoir Photography} are available on the website. We also offer Girls Night In Boudoir Parties so you can get together with your friends for a fun evening of glamour, cocktails and gorgeous photography.

Book your Valentine's Day session soon to receive your printed products in time for the holiday.

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