Thursday, February 12, 2015

Trail Blazing with Appalachian Mountain Bike Club

Appalachian Mountain Bike Club is blazing trails in Knoxville, TN

Mountain biking is awesome. Enough said.

Allan has been mountain biking for many years and has been trying to get me on board with the sport for about 7+ years. This year I finally got the hang of it and have really been enjoying it. It helped that Allan took the clipless pedals off my bike and let me ride with flats. I'm less freaked out about crashing with my bike still attached to my feet!

Allan joined the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club last year to become more involved in the mountain biking community in East Tennessee and has worked a couple of trail work days with them, but Sunday was my first time swinging a hoe. It was a blast! I now want my own Rogue Hoe!

While Allan was wandering around taking all these awesome photos, I was swinging that hoe and meeting some really cool folks. There were a lot of people our age and older which was amazing. I love spending my time around people who don't think life ends at 40! And who love being outside doing physical activities.

Nearly 50 people showed up at 9AM on a Sunday morning to work on the trails at Sharps Ridge in North Knoxville, about midway between Downtown and Fountain City. The good folks over at Fountain City Pedaler provided a delicious lunch of tacos for us when we finished up about 11:30AM. Oh, and there was beer too! I was in heaven! 

Speaking of Fountain City Pedaler, there was an article in the News Sentinel about Luke Grieve's involvement with trail building in Knoxville and the AMBC. Pretty cool! It was nice that they included one of Allan's photos in the story too.

Luke Grieve, Fountain Ciy Pedaler

If you are interested in learning more about the trails and mountain biking opportunities in Knoxville, pop over to the AMBC Facebook page or website and become a member. Or drop by Fountain City Pedaler, Cedar Bluff Cycles, Tennessee Valley Bicycles or the Bike Zoo, to name a few local bike shops with a passion for trails.

Here are more photos from Sunday and you can see everyone was having a great time. 

For some folks, like Allan and I, it was a rare day to hang out with family and friends!

We look forward to seeing you on the trails soon!

DSLR selfie!
Here is a video of a ride on the trails from the Fountain City Pedaler!

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