Thursday, May 28, 2015

Help Put Tennessee on the Downhill Trail Map


Recently I asked you to vote for Knoxville in the semi-finals of the Bell Helmets $100,000 #BellBuilt trail building grant. We won that round so today (woohoo!), I am asking for your vote again. Can you dig it?

Knoxville is one of three national finalists for a $100,000 grant from Bell Helmets. When our city wins, the Southeast’s first world-class public downhill mountain bike trail will be built - right here in our Urban Wilderness. But it can't happen without all of us!

Go to and select the Urban Wilderness Gravity Trail to help send Knoxville downhill! Voting ends Thursday, June 4, so VOTE TODAY! Use every email address you have! And share the link and info with everyone you know whether they live in Knoxville or not. Knoxville is representing the entire East Coast in the finals.

For more information and a selection of awesome graphics to share on social media and in emails to all your peeps, visit Be sure to check out and shares the videos! They are awesome!

Let's do this, Knoxville!

#BellBuilt | #DowntownDownhill | #SaveShaggy | #GetRad | @ambcsorba | AMBC


Allan and I are proud to be a part of the mountain biking community in East Tennessee and providing them with images to use on the marketing collateral for this campaign. If you're into mountain biking, we'd love to ride with you! Give us a call at 865.659.3273 or email us at and we'll hit the Urban Wilderness or Sharp's Ridge one day soon.

I am also proud of the community support this campaign is receiving. So many people are posting the links and images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that it's almost all that is in my local social media feed. We're up against CA and MN, but as of right this moment we're leading our closest competitor by only 2000 points. We need to continue the momentum and keep adding votes, so I thank you in advance for yours. Please share this post or any of social media posts to help spread the word!

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