Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ALM Photo: Studio Update #1

The ALM Photo photography studio is finally becoming a reality. The signs are obvious everywhere around our property. From the torn off roof remnants laying about the yard to the lumber strewn across the driveway in magical heaps awaiting the construction wizards to raise their powerful hammers and command the wood into place and on to the beautiful blue tarps gracing the gaping maw that was once a garage. Our dogs, Baileigh and Bubba, certainly have no idea what all the activity is about, except that Bubba knows it means a chance to escape the confines of his pen. Can you blame him? After all, he a small dog and there is a tremendous amount of new "territory" to mark. Time's a wastin'!

Allan and I are very excited and eagerly awaiting the day we can move into a beautiful new space. We will keep you in the loop and post updates and photos periodically. The photographs below were taken over the past few days.

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