Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kicking it Sunday morning at the Knoxville Skatepark

If you know ALM Photo's Allan Mueller, you know he is definitely still a kid at heart and loves to take part in any extreme sport you suggest, so it was no surprise to find him at the brand-new Knoxville Skatepark on a chilly overcast Sunday morning. Lugging his gear (including the mandatory helmet) in his old green bag and carrying his Sector 9 skateboard under his arm, he could have been any other kid excited to meet his friends for a morning of vigorous bowl riding. But Allan isn't any other kid. He's 44 years old and was joined by at least a half dozen other skateboarders over the age of 35 who were as stoked as a bunch of teenagers about the fantastic features of the park, just with a little less flexibility but no less determination. Several of the older skateboarders in attendance took a couple of nasty spills and some of them looked more than a little sketchy as they hopped on their boards. A couple of the riders hadn't been on their board for several of years, but they all had a great time and vowed to make the Sunday morning ride a ritual. I won't be surprised to see some new boards in the skatepark next week. Here are a couple of shots of Allan kicking it old school.


deeday said...

Thats funny dude. In the last pic it appeared you were about to take one for the team!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott will join you if we ever get down there. Looks like a goo dtime was had by all.