Friday, February 22, 2008

Lunar Eclipse: Romance ALM Photo-style

The thick layer of clouds resting over Knoxville broke for a few hours Wednesday evening and Allan and Lisa were granted an opportunity to photograph an absolutely fantastic lunar eclipse. The moon was a spectacular reddish colored sphere when we first headed outside to the deck to set up the tripod, camera and 600mm lens. Even though it was cold and almost bedtime, Allan waited patiently for over an hour to get some wonderfully detailed shots. The moon eventually lost its reddish hue and grew a bright "smile" as the eclipse slowly progressed across the night sky. Some light clouds rolled in but they were too faint to register in the photographs and the two bright stars nearest the moon were too far from it to be part of the images Allan took. Out of curiosity, Lisa took a couple of snaps with the point-and-shoot to see how insanely tiny the moon would look without a powerful telephoto lens and Allan laughingly asked what he was supposed to see in the virtually black screen. Lisa and Allan Mueller spend another romantic moonlit evening at home. Bliss!
Below are a couple of images Allan captured showing the progression of the eclipse. The next lunar eclipse will be in 2010 which will give everyone time to save up for a huge lens.

If you are interested in viewing other images of the lunar eclipse captured by Allan or would like to know how he did it, please contact him at

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