Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Studio Update #10

Allan and Adam moving the dog pen
The porch complete with ceiling fans

It's been one month since the last general posting and even longer since an update on the studio progress; however, there has been some progress, though not as much as we would like. Lisa is still waiting for the plumbing to be completed so she can move into her new glass studio and the siding upstairs needs to be finished before the insulation and drywall can be finished. Allan, Lisa and Adam have been working on other aspects of the construction in the meantime since it would be foolish to just sit back and wait. Lisa and Allan are getting antsy because they want to get into the studio and set up the new background system and become one with it. Here are some recent photographs of how things are looking and if you are in the neighborhood feel free to stop by and say "Hello", not only to see what we've gotten ourselves into but to feel better about the chaos in your own home environment. Seriously. In order to even get into the house you have to practically circle it completely which is not ideal when carrying glass out to the kilns. All the frustration, messiness and treacherousness will be well worth it in the long run...or so we keep telling ourselves.

(L to R) The art show tent drying out, the back deck and evidence that plumbers are here
(L to R) The front porch and back deck, the dog pen, and a side view

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