Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Smith Family Photo Shoot - September 7th


Sunday afternoon, Allan and I headed over to the Smith residence to photograph Jamie and Johnna's son, Blake. Blake was welcomed into the world on May 14th and this was his first professional photography session. Blake's beautiful mom, Johnna, has done some modeling and Blake, a natural in front of the camera, is sure to follow in her footsteps.

It was a wonderfully fun session which began inside with Blake reclining on their bright red sofa before we removed his diaper and let him squirm around on the black background. He had a great time and did a lot of smiling as well as some particularly silly expressions that had us all in stitches. You can see from the photos below how loved Blake is by both parents. Could Jamie be beaming any more brightly? Even Romeo, the family's beloved pit bull, was included in the shoot, even though he was really more interested in what everyone else in the neighborhood was doing. I should mention that Jamie is a huge, I mean, HUGE, UT fan and had the entire family, including Romeo, outfitted in orange and white for a bunch of the photos. We are looking forward to heading out with them again soon to get some more fabulous shots. A beautiful afternoon, a photogenic young family and fantastic photos, what more could Allan and I ask for?

Johnna and Blake

Proud Dad, Jamie

Romeo and Johnna scouting the neighborhood

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