Thursday, August 5, 2010

Laurel : Take Two | Boudoir {Allan and Lisa Mueller | Knoxville Professional Photographers}

Have you ever been fascinated by the way light shines into a particular room in your home? If you are a photographer, I bet you have. During the winter I {Lisa} became obsessed with the light coming into our west-facing bedroom window and, over several days at different times of the day, photographed pieces of my fused glass art in this light and, pleased with the results, decided I needed to shoot a boudoir session in there. Light this sexy needs to be put to good use!

The dreamy bedroom setting is perfect for boudoir- the light is creamy streaming through the sheer curtains, the walls are a soft coral and the wood is a warm pine. I chose to photograph Laurel, who you will recognize from the glamorous session with the fierce make-up, in this setting. It's definitely a softer, sexier look for her. Then we headed outside and spiced it up a bit {you'll see!} before capturing a couple of romantic frames of Laurel with her boyfriend and fellow photographer, Kendrick.

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ALM Photo offers private boudoir sessions as well as 'Girl's Night In' sessions so you can get your friends together in the privacy of your home for a fun evening of glamour before heading out on the town or to celebrate a special occasion such as a bachelorette party or birthday. The possibilities are endless! Both Allan and Lisa are available for boudoir sessions; however, we always consider your comfort level and you may choose to have only female photographers present, which can be arranged. We always have two photographers for your session whether private or group. That's just how we roll. Contact Lisa via e-mail or at 865-406-3870 for details and pricing. This information is not currently available on our website.

The setting

This is so Laurel

Love the red shoes!



Thanks Laurel for being such a beautiful, sexy, silly and cooperative model! You are awesome!

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Joshua said...

The image of her smiling on the bed is amazing! It made me smile!