Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Illustrated Girls | One Eighty Magazine

Allan and I have shot several Illustrated Girls for Storm Taylor's One Eighty Magazine this past year and I don't think we've ever shared them on the blog. These photo shoots are a team effort with Allan addressing the technical aspects of lighting and me working with the models to get great expressions and poses and of course, push the shutter button on the camera. I love seeing everything evolve from behind the lens. The way the shadows change when the lights are moved to accentuate the models curves and tattoos is so beautiful. These are just some of the shots and I'll post more again soon.
December 2010 | Julia

November 2010 | Lusinda

December 2010 | Lusinda

December 2010 | Lusinda

Future Illustrated Girl | Vanessa
Future Illustrated Girl | Vanessa

May 2010 | Krystal
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