Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ace Infiniti | The Book of A.I.

Allan and I enjoy working with creative, talented clients and helping them make their dreams a reality. We have had the opportunity to work with Ace Infiniti twice over the last few years as he was preparing to launch his Christian rap album, "The Book of A.I.". 

Our first encounter was a studio session to capture images specifically for the album cover and this was shot under a partnership we had created with our friend and fellow photographer, Dave Moore. Working with Ace Infiniti to develop the specific images that would ultimately grace the cover, we utilized several different lighting set-ups and Dave worked some amazing post-production magic to give the images the right feel. We all eagerly awaited the launch of the album, but as happens with many creative projects, the launch was delayed for many months.

Here are some images from the album cover.

And then in February, we received a phone call from Ace Infiniti and found out the album was scheduled to launch in mid-March and he needed some fresh promotional images pronto. We did another studio session, this time in the new ALM Photo studio, and captured some terrific images, some of which are shown below.

We wish Ace Infiniti great success with his album. Read on to find more about him and his album.

A note from Ace Infiniti:
I thought that I was finished with rap music 6 years ago, and God pushed me back into it. With all the negative lyrics and material that we hear, I'm thankful for artists such as myself that can show the world another life, the life that God meant for us to have. My first full length album as a Christian Artist "The Book of A.I." shows an in depth look at my life experience as a Christian! Take a moment to listen and hear what God has done for me! Thanks, and Be Blessed!!  You can visit the website at

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