Saturday, March 22, 2008

WPPI Convention 2008 - Las Vegas

WPPI Convention 2008 - Las Vegas

If you have never been to WPPI, then you wouldn't understand why Allan is warming up to attend a tradeshow. This event is the annual convention of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and provides not only one of the largest tradeshows for the photographic industry but also platform speakers on a wide range of topics such as lighting, posing, marketing, workflow and, well, how to make money as a professional photographer. We learned from some of the most amazing and business savvy photographers from around the world. Allan attended the convention last year and came home with a wealth of knowledge but I felt like I had somehow missed out on a wonderful event so I knew I had to attend this year and I am glad I did. Some of the best programs were the Business Institute- an all-day training extravaganza and both the Breakfast Club and the First Ladies of Photography- round table discussions with some of the top female photographers. Amazing people, awesome knowledge and no sleep...the perfect convention!

Go Allan Go!

Please contact us if you would like to know more about WPPI and the convention @ or

Left to right: Lisa and Carrie; trade show booty; Dee, Carrie and Allan

Left to right: Allan at the tradeshow, one of fellow Knoxville photographer Andy Armstrong's entries, Bally's and First Ladies of Photography

Still life on the way home

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