Friday, March 28, 2008

ALM Photo: Studio Update #7

Wow! Now the studio is starting to look like a studio. Doors and windows were installed this week and work has also begun on the Sassy Glass Studio ( space in the lower part of the former garage. It is so exciting to see the daily tranformation. It is also fun to spend a lot of time at Lowe's picking out doors, door hardware, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and flooring. Too bad I don't root for Jimmy Johnson and Lowe's NASCAR Sprint Cup team! Some recent photographs of the progress are below.

Windows installed and roof over deck

Patio door installed- Love it!

Allan stoking the hobo fire

Sassy Glass Studio

We are headed to Pennsylvania today for a glamour workshop with Rolando Gomez of San Antonio, Texas. This will be my third workshop with Rolando and Allan's fifth. He has written two books and produced several videos on the subject of photographing glamour. We will return home with some great images and new knowledge. Every day is a learning experience! More updates on the studios next week.

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