Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Color, color everywhere!!

This time of year everything is blooming and every color in the rainbow is becoming evident everywhere we turn. Flowers just make the world a more beautiful place. Before we headed out of town for The Art Market at Historic Honey Horn on Hilton Head Island I snapped a few quick shots of the last of the dogwood and bleeding heart blooms as well as the first columbines and irises of the year.
The perfect subjects for photographs are often right in front of our eyes but, because they are in such familiar locations, we have a tendency to overlook them. We have to remind ourselves to take the time, especially in the spring, to really look around our familiar surroundings. Grab your camera and you will be amazed at what you will see through your lens. Now stop sitting at your computer and go outside and capture some beautiful photographs! You can thank me later.

(Photographers note: These were shot with the point-and-shoot.)

The driveway dogwoods

First Columbine blooms

Inaugural Iris

Bleeding Hearts

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