Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ALM Photo: Studio Update #9

It's been a while since the last studio progress report...but most importantly Spring has arrived. Beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures make my heart happy!

The studio is shaping up and there are now stairs to get up there so I can wander up and see how the light shines in the windows and on the porch. The weather has been so wonderful I wish I could sit on the porch all day, but the glass business has been keeping me very busy and as soon as the studio is done I know I will have plenty to do in there as well. Here are some photographs of the studio from a week or more ago. The concrete has been poured and the yard between the house and the studio is a total wreck- trenches for electric and water have been dug- but the inconvenience will be well worth it when I can work in a space bigger than a thimble. The glass studio is progressing also- lights have been installed, so I don't have to be scared going out there after dark. I will post some more photos soon...There has been quite a bit of progress since these photos were taken.

Stairway to studio

Extra garage...for the motorcycles

Glass studio...it's getting there

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Anonymous said...

Holy Cow Woman...you have had LOTS going on!! That is awesome. I can't wait to see it when it's done. Let's plan an open house!!!!!