Monday, June 8, 2009

Pause for Photographs :: A Missed Moment {ALM Photo | Knoxville Professional Photographers}

Thankfully my elliptical has a ten minute "pause" feature. I had just started my cardio workout this morning when I looked out the garage door in the basement at the hobo fire barrel in the backyard just like I always do. However, unlike other mornings the bright, low early morning sun was shining directly on the barrel and dew was evaporating into smoky swirls. It took only a second to decide I wanted to photograph that smoky swirliness so I hopped off the elliptical, ran upstairs, grabbed the 5D and scampered out to the barrel. Sadly, by the time I got out there the smoky swirliness was gone but the sun was still there so I fired off these four shots. Then I scampered back to the house, took the dogs out to their pen and got back downstairs with 53 seconds left of my 10 minute "pause" 9 minutes of my day so far.
Images by Lisa Mueller of ALM Photo

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