Friday, April 4, 2008

ALM Photo: Studio Update #8

Even though we have been having a lot of rain, the studio construction is still progressing. We now have windows and doors and Allan and I have been making a lot of decisions on colors, hardware and lighting. These are big decisions that will impact the studio space and our work stations. We returned from Pennsylvania on Monday evening and have been very busy this week. The Glamour Workshop in PA was great and we got a bunch of nice images and also met some local photographers who were a lot of fun. I have been working on my fused glass inventory for the Dogwood Arts Artist's Marketplace which starts next Friday and runs through Sunday afternoon. Allan has been an electrician all week in an effort to get the large kiln power supply hooked up outside my new glass studio. Not a free moment around ALM Photo this week! Check out the photos below and stop by and see us next weekend downtown on Market Square. Look for the booth manned by people barely able to keep their eyes open!

Glass studio floor (very important!)

Entrance to Sassy Glass Studio

Hobo fire- great for cooking hot dogs and waste disposal

Inside looking out

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